Beyond the obvious

Again, in Italy’s fashion world the current wholesale season has produced collections of noteworthy impact.
Never in the past were the mega-trends of luxurious streetwear and leisurely activewear so dominant and profoundly intertwined.
From what we can observe in Milan, this fits the picture of Russian demand rather nicely. The glamorous meets the easy, a trend that the young and affluent Russian customer has shown to appreciate very much in the past.
It’s not only opulence anymore; we understand there is a young and upward moving middle class that likes it cool and smart. Both attributes have never been quite as prominent on the Milanese catwalks as in the newest catwalk shows.
Therefore, our special relationship with Russia continues to bear great promise.
For Italy, because it is a privilege serving dynamic, hardworking and brilliant people.
For Russia, because it is only fitting that who deserves recognition can demand this in due style.
Without pressure, but with a lot of chutzpa and charm.

Marc Sondermann

Fashion Magazine 09/2018 - Russia