Italy Reaches Out to The World

With the current issue Fashion Magazine is proud to extend its reach way beyond its traditional role of national industry champion.
On the eve of our 50th anniversary, we realize that our deep network and thorough knowledge of the Italian fashion sector is not only relevant to our loyal and cherished readership within the boundaries of the Peninsula, who are the country’s leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and businesspeople, but also to everybody who deals with the products of Italy’s dominant creative industry on an international level.
We feel it is our duty to inform, analyze and forecast with the interests of a global target group in mind.
As a top trader, you certainly have been aware of our role in the past, as we know most of you have consulted our Italian language print edition when on business trips to Italy, or our Italian daily online business newspaper ( from your home base, using us for fact checking, trend research, corporate backgrounds or competitive benchmarking.
We did try to help you out with translations of key interviews and reports.
Now, however, you hold our first fully international edition in your hands.
It being entirely written and edited in English, hopefully your task of understanding our country’s leading sector, with its stylish allure and high-quality products, will become a whole lot easier.
Our English edition will be published four times a year, right after the four most important events on the global fashion calendar, those being the menswear and womenswear shows and fairs.  
In this first edition, you will find a complete tour through the top menswear names who very recently have been on display in Florence, Milan and Paris.
As always, well-informed buyers’ opinion, collected firsthand through talks with many of the most renowned global experts, has guided us across this universe.
You will also find a deep dive into the worlds of fibers and textiles, as these ingredients still do play and always will a key role in making true made in Italy quality possible.
Our mission is to enable you to spot key trends first, them being in business or product, and to gain complete oversight and in-depth insight.  
Now more than ever, with information apparently ubiquitous, an intelligent filter and competent analysis are decisive success factors.
Together with you, we will continue to achieve this.

Marc Sondermann 

Fashion Magazine 08/2019